About us
Company profile

Established in 2003, Shenzhen Lonnz Tool Co., Ltd. is a trustworthy manufacturer of various precision collets, collet chucks, and turning and milling tools. These products are designed for use with all sorts of machining equipment such as CNC machining tools, milling machines, turning machines, and grinding machines to handle metal and woodworking tasks. As a professional machining tools manufacturer, we ship a significant number of collets directly to merchants, traders, and manufacturers of machining equipment. Some of our biggest advantages include shorter delivery cycles, diversified categories of products, and customized products for satisfying the specific needs of the end users. We also provide standard cutting tools for famous international brands, such as Sandvik NTK, Kyocera, Korloy, Mitsubishi, Tungaloy, Sumitomo and so on.

Production capacity

Lonnz utilizes dozens of CNC machining centers including a five-axis machining center and three-axis machining center, so that batch processing of complicated and precision tools can be completed with ease, ensuring the availability and high quality of our products.

Quality control

We consistently enforce strict and precise control measures over our production process to increase the rate of qualified products. All raw and processed materials are provided directly by trusted, high-quality suppliers, ensuring the stability of the materials. Precision processing and heat treatment are both completed inside our factory thanks to our detailed management. This allows us to further guarantee product stability in terms of size, performance, and service life.


A full range of technical support and face-to-face communication services are provided by our professional sales force.