Custom Tools

LONNZ has been specialized in producing various types of precision collets since the company’s early years. Starting in 2015, to meet the needs of our customers, we began expanding our product lines. Today, we provide a variety of turning tools, milling tools, drill bits, carbide inserts, and grinding wheels among many other products.

Materials available
  • Raw steel material: carbon steel ( mild steel, medium carbon steel, high-carbon steel), stainless steel, alloy steel
  • Other metals: Kentanium cemented carbide, allumen zinc-aluminum alloy, free machining steel, aluminum, copper, tungsten steel
Customization service procedure
    1. Samples or design drawing providing
    2. Samples or design drawing providing
    1. Quotation confirmation
    2. Quotation confirmation
    1. Contract signing
    2. Contract signing
    1. Pay the deposit
    2. Pay the deposit
    1. Product completion
    2. Product completion
    1. Product inspection
    2. Product inspection
    1. Pay the balance of payments
    2. Pay the balance of payments
    1. Freight transportation
    2. Freight transportation
    1. After-sales service
    2. After-sales service