Shenzhen Lonnz Tool Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various types of precision collets, collet chucks and turning and milling tools. Our products are widely used in machining equipment such as CNC machine tools, milling machines, turning machines, and grinding machines to complete metal and woodworking tasks.

A collet is a kind of chucks used for fixing drilling or milling tools onto milling machines. We have nearly 20 years of experience with producing collets including our ER collet, TG collet, SK collet, 5C collet and other collets. If the types of collets displayed here fail to satisfy your needs, please contact us and we can customize collets for you according to your samples. All the collets will be qualified before leaving our factory and the accuracy will be within 0.003mm.

We can provide you with various types of chucking tools and solutions, including our ER collet chuck tool holder, SK collet chuck tool holder, single angle collet chuck tool holder, double angle collet chuck tool holder, end mill tool holder, face mill arbor and so on. In order to ensure high speed, precise running and avoid damage of machines, we put an emphasis on the quality of products when producing collet chuck tool holders and all the raw and processed materials are provided directly by manufacturers.

LONNZ can produce all kinds of turning and boring tools, which can be used not only in traditional machine tools but also for automatic lathes and milling tools. We have more than ten years of experience in turning and boring tools production. The turning and boring tools displayed as follows are only part of our products.

We offer 2, 3 and 4 flute milling tools. When the milling tool is cutting a groove where the width is the same as the cutting tool diameter, a larger chip space is needed, and 2-flute milling tool is normally chosen in this situation. When cutting the side surface with a smaller width, the cutting tool hardness should be taken into consideration, which is when a multi-flute milling tool is often chosen.

Drilling bits are a cutting tool used to drill a through-hole form or a blind hole on the material or enlarge an existing hole. For drilling of different materials, there are also different drill bit requirements.

As a professional custom precision tool manufacturer, we offer both SDC diamond grinding wheels and CBN Grinding Wheels. We also offer chucking with a variety of particle sizes for different processing methods and needs. For example, we provide large particle size grinding wheels for fast but rough cutting and offer small particle size grinding wheels for slow but precision processing.

Application : solid carbide slitting saws are used to cut solid materials such as wood, furniture, artificial board, aluminium alloy, aluminum profiles, heat sinks, plastics, plastic steel and more.